ETS Super Silver Nissan GT-R Breaks World Record at TX2K15 March 24, 2015

Photo by ETS' World Record Headline Image.

Extreme Turbo Systems laid down the law in the East Texas town of Houston at the TX2K15 event, taking the ETS “Super Silver” Nissan GT-R R35 out for a spin to the tune of 7.49 seconds and a top speed of 189 mph, beating AMS Performance and F Performance Garage of Dubai for the fastest GT-R in the world on the quarter mile pass. ETS ran twin Lava PTP Turbo Blankets on the Super Silver’s top-mounted T4 turbo setup. The Super Silver is ETS-built and driven by English Racing.

Enginebay shot of the ETS Super Silver Nissan GT-R, sporting twin Garrett turbos and Lava PTP Turbo Blankets

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