• Mike
    Great products. I just finished the build on my wife's '95 Altima. I used Lava wrap on the manifold and downpipe and a Lava T25/28 blanket on a GT2871R. The surrounding components keep cool. I'm sure the paint would have bubbled on the hood due to the close proximity of the exhaust housing without it.

  • Gustavo Garcia
    I really liked this product, it keeps the vacuum lines out of the high temperature coming from the turbo. Worth it the money paid.

  • Rajiv Baldew Jumbo Group N.V
    South America
    PTP turboblanket in the new Lava color looks great on my
    JDM 2000 Toyota Supra twin HKS turbo my engine runs
    cooler and hopefully spools the turbo,s a bit faster overall
    the PTP blanket fits perfect and the finish is excellent i had
    great feedback from the sales person that mailed me the
    correct model to purchase .

    Thanks PTP keep up the good ..
  • KillerSTI
    One word for my subaru lava turbo blanket... Awesome!
  • Andy G
    My FIAT feels more responsive and seems to build boost faster once I installed your FIAT turbo blanket! I also don't get that huge rush of hot air when I open the hood anymore! Thanks so much for a great product!
  • David Picchi
    While upgrading the TMIC on my 2011 WRX to teh Spearco unit I decide to also not risk the heat soak that so many have complained about and bought the PTP Blue Subaru Turbo blanket. Even after the first quick drive to operating temp and first full pulls its noticable. First I some how have eliminated most of the boost creep issue I was having and after getting home even the hot side of the current stock intercoller felt cold while the TB side felt like ice. A huge difference compared to normal. For under $100 you cant by a better upgrade to safety, asthetics, and performance for your WRX/STi.
  • Kade
    So before the PTP turbo blanket, the intercooler pipe that crosses over the turbo would be burning hot after a couple pulls. Obviously the turbo would scald your hand without even touching it.

    I did a few pulls and immediately stopped to check the under hood temps. The same intercooler pipe was cold after 4 or 5 pulls, and I could literally put my hand on the blanket and hold it there. It was pretty warm, but I could rest my hand on it. This is the best money I've spent in a while. It's the new Lava Blanket from PTP Turbo Blankets. Made out of pulverized volcanic rock, I mean, it comes from volcanoes it has to be bad ass.

    Just wanted to pass along the feedback! It works great, and took me about 5 minutes to install it. I had previously been running with no heat shield after my motor swap. Under hood temps were out of control. This has made a HUGE difference already.

    Thanks a lot guys!
  • Lee Toscano
    First of all I would like to thank PTPTURBOBLANKETS.COM for there continuious support. I've been drag racing this same car (pictured) for over 18 years!!! I can honestly say its NEVER been put on the "bumper" until here recently. The only change was the PTP lava heat wrap on the down pipe and of course the PTP lava turbo blanket. Going off the data log it allowed the turbo to spool EXTREMELY quicker than before. It resulted in an amazing launch which I wasn't ready for. I crossed the 60 FT beams with the rear tires and still clocked a 1.4 60FT!!! Mind you this is still a "MAZDA" IRS Setup. I'm sure I will meet and beat my personal goal of a 8.90 pass here soon. ;)

    Champion of Import Face-Off San Antonio Drag Racing / several times

    Champion of Import Face-Off Oklahoma Tulsa / August 2012

    Runner up of Import Face-Off Oklahoma Noble / April 2012

    Top Ten RX7 Street Club

    1987 Mazda RX7 Turbo II

  • Brian

    "I recently purchased a turbo blanket from you guys for my 2011 WRX. I am very impressed with your product and very satisfied that it delivers everything that is stated".

  • Brian

    2011 WRX with the grimmspeed heatshield, I let the car warm up and idled it for 20 min after operating temperature. The ambient temp outside was 72 F and the car was in the shade when I used the camera. The turbo itself was 352 F, the top of the grimmspeed heat shield was 137 F, and the top of the intercooler was 112 F. After the installation of the PTP turbo blanket, so the numbers just dont lie, this turbo blanket actually works as advertised, and I think the new numbers are fantastic. The turbo response between shifts is instant, and it delivers everything that PTP claims. Excellent product! before -- after - difference turbo-- 352 - 105 - 247 TMIC-- 112 - 83 - 29 heatshield-- 137 - 90 - 47 I can actually touch the heatshield while the car is running, which I think is amazing. If you are on the fence with buying a turbo blanket, this should push you over and the only regret that I have is that I went 8,100 miles without one.

  • frankensteinb20
    great seller great product have used before and will use again. 5 stars.
  • scharfy82
    Great product and fast shipping!
  • Nlew8556
    Fits & looks great.
  • Jesstmc
    quick ship nice prices great to do business with thanx.
  • Dan Pancoast
    After a thread on team-integra, I decided to check out PTP after looking at DEI as well. A quick phone call, my questions were answered and I just ordered a t3 blanket, heat wrap and locking ties. Can't wait to throw the stuff on my boosted teg! Thanks ptp.
  • Shawn Simmons
    Just installed my black Subaru turbo blanket!