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Need Something Custom Designed?

Here at PTP Turbo Blankets we are constantly researching new ways to provide the best in thermal management while continuing to work on the development of new products daily. PTP Turbo Blankets continues to meet all of your automotive, marine, aviation, mining, heavy equipment, and semi-conductor heat management and protection needs, allowing your vehicles, special tools and equipment, and products to perform at their best, while staying insulated and protected.

While we do offer a large selection of products and different fitment selections for various thermal barriers, heat wraps, and turbo blankets, we may not have your specific fitment or product listed on our website. We work hard to ensure the best quality fitment and validation for all of our products, and that is why we would invite you to take a moment to fill out the custom fitment section below. This allows us to design and create something unique for your fitment requirements for just about any vehicle, piece of special equipment, or custom product. Once you fill out the submission form a PTP representative will reach out to you as soon as possible to ensure that your needs can be met.

Custom Turbo Dimension Sheet

PTP Needs Your New Vehicle!

If you own a newer vehicle that is not listed on our website and are interested in receiving a FREE turbo blanket please fill out the form below. PTP Turbo Blankets is always looking to create new products for newer vehicles. Qualifying vehicles must be in or near the Austin, TX area. If PTP selects your vehicle for testing and validation, we will need your vehicle for approximately 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the application. In exchange for allowing PTP to test and create the product on your vehicle you will be compensated with a FREE PTP Turbo Blanket once the product is put into production.

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Or, if you'd prefer to discuss your specific heat insulation needs with a customer representative, please feel free to call us directly at 512-490-6494.