About us

PTP Turbo Blankets is one of the leading suppliers of turbo blankets and exhaust wraps in the country, appealing to both street and race performance enthusiasts. We at PTP strive to serve the worldwide marketplace with performance enhancement products for automotive, motorcycle, marine, and off-road applications with high quality turbo blankets and heat wraps that reflect our many years of experience in research and development and our strong drive for excellence.

Our story at PTP (ProTech Performance) dates back to October 1996 when we were established as the first import performance shop in Austin, Texas. We started the business, building rotary engines for high performance applications. Since then, we have expanded to provide repair and performance enhancements to all import vehicles. In early 2000, PTP began research & development on custom products for vehicles to help with efficiency and performance. In 2004, PTP created the first turbo kit for the Mazda RX-8, and it was featured in Car & Driver Magazine. (Click here to read the article http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/protech-performance-rx-8-turbo-specialty-file) During the development of our turbo kit, we created a custom heat shield, which was designed to help hold heat within the exhaust impeller casing of the turbocharger. Building upon this design, we came up with the idea for the turbo blanket, and we started to develop a prototype. After testing our new prototype and observing incredible results, we decided to mass produce our turbo blanket for the popular universal T3, T3/T4 and T6 turbo sizes.

Since then, PTP has been designing and manufacturing premium, hand-crafted turbo blankets and heat wraps that meet our customer's needs at an affordable price. Our products are very well known today for their high standard of quality and for the proven performance benefits which they provide. (For example, please see the January 28, 2011 article about PTP Turbo Blankets in the March 2011 issue of Import Tuner Magazine http://www.importtuner.com/tech/impp_1103_turbocharger_heat_shielding_fact_fiction/index.html).

Responding to popular demand, we now offer the following turbo blanket sizes: T3, T3/T4, and T6. We also provide turbo blankets designed specifically for the following turbochargers: Subaru Impreza WRX/STI turbo, Force Performance turbo, and Ford Focus ST turbo. Further, we now provide fiberglass exhaust wraps as well as our new lava exhaust wraps for exhaust downpipes and headers.


The innovative creations of PTP are always expanding. Our dedicated research and development team is continuously at work to explore the best in materials and engineered designs to create heat insulation blankets and wraps that are beyond industry standards and that appeal to all performance enthusiasts.

To better serve you, PTP welcomes any requests for custom heat insulation applications for your car, boat, motorcycles or snowmobile. If you have a specific turbo or component that you would like us to build a heat blanket/wrap for, please visit our Custom Fit page.

Please watch this short video to witness the high quality manufacture of our turbo blankets and heat wraps in North America.