Sponsorship Spotlight: Chuckles Garage at Pike's Peak January 24, 2018

Our Sponsorship Spotlight is shining back on Scott Birdsall and Chuckles Garage's Old Smokey Farm Truck. Scott and the rest of his team have officially announced their attendance at the Pike's Peak Hill Climb Event coming June 24, 2018. Scott is running a 80mm GTX5533R and a 94mm GTX5008R compound setup by Honeywell Garrett and TiAL Sport MVR wastegates. Twin Universal T6 Lava PTP Turbo Blankets keep those big turbos spooled up nicely. This 1949 F1 farm truck makes 1233hp! We can't wait to see what Old Smokey can do at Pike's Peak! 

Chuckles Garage's 1949 F1 Farm Truck sits in profile in front of a graphic of the sprawling Pike's Peak track under a graphic for the Pike's Peak logo.


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