Up The Irons! AMS Performance "Madness" Iron Maiden Tribute Hearse

Eddie from Iron Maiden's Album "Number of the Beast" depicted hear on the back hatch of the AMS Performance "Madness" Hearse.

We’re celebrating Halloween with a ghoulishly good run at the edge of darkness from AMS Performance’s PTP-Protected Chevy Caprice, better known as the Iron Maiden tribute “Madness” Hearse! Arne Tomen’s fitting tribute to Eddie has the competition running to the hills now that it currently holds the world record for fastest hearse on the planet with a mind-shattering time of 9.5 seconds and a top speed of 146 mph on the quarter mile pass.

The Iron Maiden Madness Hearse is a fully functional Chevy Caprice outfitted as a hearse, complete with coffin loaded in the back.

This twin-turbo, Garrett-boosted, 1,100 hp trooper is also hauling a fully functional casket and running PTP Lava Turbo Blankets. 

Enginebay shot of the AMS Performance "Madness" Iron Maiden tribute Hearse. Twin Lava PTP Turbo Blankets are protecting the picture of Eddie on the hood from the extreme heat generated by the two top-mounted Garrett turbochargers.

Play with madness here.