Quartz Exhaust Wrap





The PTP Quartz™ Exhaust Wrap is constructed from silica filament yarn that is texturized into a form which provides excellent insulating properties and resiliency over our Lava® and SR-Glass™ exhaust wraps. 

The Quartz™ Exhaust Wrap is our strongest available wrap that will not loose it's flexibility or strength under extreme use and conditions. It can be installed, heat cycled over and over, and will still maintain its flexility to be unwrapped and wrapped again.

The benefits of wrapping headers and exhaust is to maintain high exhaust gas temperatures to exit the system faster, decrease overall engine bay temperatures to keep intake air cooler, and protect heat sensitive components nearby. For motorcycles or applications where the exhaust is exposed, exhaust wrap can help decrease the severity of burns from accidental contact.

Max Direct Temp: 2000°F Continuous / 3000°F Peak


Exhaust Wrap Calculator

Exhaust Wrap Calculator
Pipe O.D. size (inches)
Length of Pipe (feet)
Wrap Width (inches)
Overlap (inches)
Minimum Suggested Length (feet)*
* Length is an estimate and does not account for bends in the pipe.