Nissan GT-R R35 Firewall Shield




FPRO35-067-06 & FPRO35-067-07

The PTP Nissan GT-R R35 Firewall Shields are designed to protect the occupant compartment from the excessive heat generated by the engine compartment, as well as offering sound deadening properties.

Besides protecting the occupant compartment, the firewall shield will protect your brake master cylinder and ABS pump from overheating that can lead to brake fading.

With the front layer made from pulverized volcanic lava rock (Rated 1800°F Direct Heat / 2500°F Radiant Heat) formed into fabric and woven into a tight mesh weave, the PTP GT-R R35 Firewall Shields are internally insulated with high temperature calcium magnesium silicate wool (Rated 1832°F Continuous / 2300°F Peak) overlaid with a high temperature silicone fiberglass.