Aaron Parker's RX-7

1993 Mazda Fd3S RX-7 Drift Wolf Spec




Engine Specs:

FR- Performance Built Mazda 13B-REW Semi-Peripheral Port Rotary 

Tuned by Abel Ibarra

Adaptronic Modular M2000 ECU

HPS Silicone Hoses

Red Line Synthetic Oil

Direct-Fire Ignition IGN Smart Coils

NGK R7420 10-10.5


Turbo / Exhaust Components

PTP Turbo Blankets T3/T4 Lava Turbo Blanket, Lava Exhaust / Header Wrap, Gold Adhesive Thermal Barrier & Silver Adhesive Thermal Barrier Plus, Black Fire Sleeve and Velcro Heat Reflective Sleeve

Borg Warner EFR8374D 1.05 

Gleaseman Billet Series Long Runner Turbo Manifold

Turbo Smart Dual Comp Gate 40's 

4" Stainless Straight Exhaust


Suspension Components

Parts Shop Max including Limit Break Angle Kit and #Squat Squad Coil-Overs


Power Output

468 WHP 420 Ft lbs Torque