Nissan GT-R R35 Heat Management Package





PTP Turbo Blankets is proud to introduce the PTP Nissan GT-R R35 Heat Management Package (or HMP). The Nissan GT-R needs no introduction, and neither do the problems associated with heat soak that high-output supercars such as the GT-R experience, especially when highly modified. To combat the problems associated with heat soak and to improve turbocharger performance, PTP Turbo Blankets has developed the Nissan GT-R HMP, a custom tailored heat management solution designed specifically for the needs of the R35 series GT-R.

This one-of-a-kind heat management package utilizes the same premium insulation materials as our turbo blankets and heat shields. Utilizing our ultra high performance Lava weave and other military grade composites, the HMP provides heat management at critical points in the engine bay and undercarriage of the GT-R, decreasing turbo lag, increasing boost pressure, and minimizing heat transfer to sensitive areas. In addition to preventing heat transfer to vulnerable components, the HMP also provides thermal and acoustic insulation for the interior of the vehicle, integrating a pre-fitted layer of our Adhesive Thermal Barrier Plus for the transmission tunnel and a Lava weave firewall shield.


The Nissan GT-R HMP consists of the following tailor-fitted insulation components:

  • Right and Left Side Turbo Blankets
  • Firewall Shields
  • Underhood Insulation
  • Fuel Line Insulation
  • Transmission Tunnel Shields
  • Transmission Bell Housing Shields
  • Intake Manifold Shields
  • EVAP Canister Shield